Nature’s Miracle – The Breasts

There is no denying the power and beauty of the breast. We already know the overwhelming intrigue that breasts wield over the opposite sex, but how often do we stop to consider our own confidence and sex appeal when it comes to our breasts and how we choose to reveal or conceal them? The answer to this question will no doubt vary greatly from woman to woman. Sometimes it comes down to what we deem appropriate, based on our age, occupation, or the occasion.

Our self-confidence often comes from a combination of many life experiences, and they can all feed into a distorted sense of how we should present ourselves publicly. I want to remind you that your body is a wonderful and powerful instrument to be respected and cherished. Breasts are a combination of sexuality and femininity and how we showcase cleavage is and always should be a personal choice. For those of you who are interested in rediscovering your feminine assets, then I have a few practical tips to share that help to remove some of the confusion around the dos and don’ts of baring your cleavage. If you’ve always felt too shy to show or have never really known the most flattering or ‘appropriate’ way to do so, then read on.

Invoke Your Inner Cleavage Diva – Try These Helpful Tips

  • Always wear the right underwear. A good-fitting bra won’t hike your breasts up excessively, but rather support and separate them.
  • Consider time and place. Gauge the type of event you’re dressing for and whether or not showing a little extra skin would be appropriate. A daytime event usually calls for a touch more modesty, whereas the evening allows for more intrigue. Use your best judgement and then make sure you feel comfortable before leaving the house.
  • Make it a rare and pleasing surprise. Don’t get the girls out every single time you leave the house. Pick and choose your moments.
  • Less is more. Just the right amount of cleavage can indeed enhance an outfit. A good rule of thumb towards most style and dressing conundrums is the ‘less is more’ rule, and the same goes for cleavage. You should not reveal more than one inch of cleavage at work. The rules become more relaxed as the day rolls into the night.
  • Coordinate your outfit. If you plan on showing some cleavage, make sure you also consider the rest of your outfit. If the neckline is sitting low, then the hemline of your skirt or dress should sit a little longer, to help balance the look. A daring, plunging neckline can look fabulous on the right occasion. If opting for this look, ensure everything is following a minimalist approach.
  • Experiment with fabrics. Consider experimenting with sheer and lace fabrics. Sheer fabrics are intriguing and sexy, and they can be a gentle leeway into baring cleavage.
  • Layer a blazer. Another fashion tip when it comes to the subtle reveal is to add a blazer over a low-cut top or blouse.
  • Confident posture. Stand tall and consider your posture when showing your cleavage.

Refer to our blog on ‘Posture – Woman’s Best Accessory’ for some tips on the best way to carry yourself confidently. There is no worse look than hunched shoulders with breasts spilling out over the top.

Customise Your Cleavage

No matter your size, the right outer and undergarments play a significant role in determining the successful display of your décolletage.

For Fuller Breasts

  • Avoid square necklines or overly high necklines
  • A V-neckline will always flatter a fuller chest, as they open up the area and help to elongate your neck.
  • A wrap dress or wrap top helps to create an hourglass frame. This shape will emphasise your waistline and accommodate your breasts in a flattering way.

For Smaller Breasts

  • If you’re feeling self-conscious about your chest size, a great way to add some volume to that area is with beading, pleating or gathering in the fabric.
  • Statement necklaces are an artful and effective way to draw positive attention to your chest area. They work especially well with a low-cut top, dress or shirt.
  • Wrap dresses work equally well on small chests, as they do on fuller chests. They are flattering and help to define the bust.

I have been to enough functions of varying formality to know when I can loosen a button or two and when I should cover-up. I adhere to the above guidelines generally, but instead of following the perceived social norms of what is and isn’t appropriate when it comes to bearing all, I mostly let my mood guide me.

I sometimes still yearn for my perky and youthful bust. But, I believe there is something to be said for the beauty of the mature breast silhouette, exemplified by cleavage goddesses Helen Mirren, Julia Moore, Susan Sarandon, and Jamie Lee Curtis, to name a few. They are inspiring examples that we needn’t conceal our breasts with age, and that we don’t have to feel uncomfortable or shy away from embracing our sexuality and femininity as we mature. Our self-confidence is one of the best things we can wear as we rediscover the power and beauty of our breasts.

Claudia x

Cleavage Goddesses

Susan Sarandon & Jamie Lee Curtis

Julia Moore & Helen Mirren

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