Collaborating for Authentic Visibility

For authentic brand visibility and aligned engagement, I’d love to hear from you!

I started this website as a source of inspiration and go-to companion for women who want to conquer all of the challenging and beautiful moments that life after 50 throws at them.

I collaborate with up-and-coming and established fashion, travel, lifestyle and beauty brands that inspire women and enhance my audience’s life in a meaningful way.

I also support local and international brands that promote a sustainable and conscientious lifestyle.

When we collaborate, I’ll expose your brand to an engaged, savvy and discerning audience who values quality, originality and when it comes to travel, they seek unique and fulfilling experiences.

I have a close connection with my audience on Instagram and an even more personalised relationship with my growing mailing list.

My reputation with my followers is one of trust and integrity. They know when I bring forth a brand, it is of the highest quality and has my full support.

When you partner with me, I treat your brand as if it were my own and ensure it grows through aligned audience exposure.

If you are looking for authentic brand visibility and aligned engagement, I’d love to hear your story – tell me about yourself!

“My aspiration is to empower women who find it difficult to feel content and confident in their maturing bodies, by showing them that a 60-year-old woman can have as much vitality as a 20-year-old – it’s 100% possible.

My experience is a testament to that.”

Recent Collaborations


You can reach out via our contact page. I’m always excited to explore collaboration opportunities with like-minded brands.

I offer a range of Influencer collaboration options, including content creating, fashion and beauty shoots, product reviews and giveaways. I am open to customizing collaborations to meet your brand’s specific goals.

My audience primarily consists of women 45+. Partnering with me can help you reach a highly engaged and relevant audience, increasing brand visibility and engagement.

Rates and terms vary depending on the scope of the collaboration. I am open to discussing compensation, deliverables, and timelines to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

I prioritise authenticity by only collaborating with brands and products that align with my personal values and resonate with my audience. This ensures that my recommendations are genuine.

I encourage brands to submit collaboration proposals, which I carefully review to ensure they align with my audience and style. Once approved, I work closely with the brand to fine-tune the collaboration details.

I actively collaborate on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and my blog. However, I am open to exploring collaborations on other platforms that fit my audience and brand message.

I expect clear communication, transparency, and respect for my creative process. To ensure a successful partnership, I believe in open dialogue and collaboration to meet the brand’s goals while maintaining my authenticity and style.


We have been working with Claudia Hackman this past year as our social media influencer.  Claudia immediately jumped on board to help us profile our Invisalign Treatments with Dr Sam Guirguis at Natural Dentistry throughout the social media marketplace.

People like Claudia Hackman are a rare find.  Her ideas are refreshing, authentic and human. She has the ear of the people especially thousands of female followers. Claudia is a true inspiration to women of all ages. The amount of energy, enthusiasm, and insight Claudia gives to her work is admirable and of the highest quality.

From our experience in working with Claudia, she does not take her work lightly. Not only is she fully committed, she also really cares about the people that she is involved with.  We highly recommend Claudia Hackman if you want to take your social media to the next level. Claudia only takes on projects that she truly believes in, so you will not find a sweeter voice singing your praises advocating your product or service.

As client experience manager at Natural Dentistry in our duty of care, we feel completely aligned with Claudia’s values in her profiling and message to our social media followers and potential patients.  Given the chance do not hesitate to take up the good fortune and opportunity to have Claudia Hackman on your team.”

“Claudia went above and beyond with the detail and consideration of her posts.

She was a pleasure to communicate with. Would recommend her to anyone!”

“Claudia was very professional, brought glamour to our shoot and was very bubbly and easy to work with.

We would be happy to rebook Claudia for future shoots onboard.”

“Claudia is professional, delivered on time and easy to work with.

Thank you, Claudia, for the wonderful content. We will definitely book you again.”