Personal Stylist in Sydney, Australia

“It is never too late to become the person you always thought you could be.”

– George Eliot

If you are active, successful and intelligent men and women aged 45+ who believe your best years are still to come, I am here to provide the tools and support to help you regain your inner voice, your “joie de vivre”, and live your most empowered life yet.

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I love to share what I know about fashion and styling. Together we can explore your wardrobe to discover countless ways to style and wear what you already own.

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Meet Claudia Hackman

It wasn’t until I reached my late fifties that I realised that engaging my vitality and passion for life could unlock newfound visibility. This mindset opened a whole new world for me as I ventured down the path of ageing.

After 35 rewarding years in fashion, I started exploring new ways to connect with like-minded women and share some of my own experiences on transitioning from my fifties to my sixties.

Mine was not always a charmed life. It was often hard going. I was a self-starter with all my previous businesses – running a couple of fashion boutiques and a European shoe warehouse. It was challenging, exhausting and humbling.

Born in China to Russian parents in 1962, I was christened Klavdia Vasilovna Karmanchuk. From Klavdia in China to Claudia in Australia, it has been quite a journey. My name-changing may have come to an end, but my personal journey has not. As I continue to evolve, I’m determined to make the most of what this extraordinary life has to offer.

I believe the best is yet to come.