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Since the age of 25, I’ve passionately pursued my own business ventures, founding and managing successful enterprises including Claudia’s Collections, European Shoe Warehouse, and Claudia Hackman – Personal Styling for Women and Men. It wasn’t until I reached my late fifties that I realised engaging my vitality and passion for life could unlock newfound visibility. This mindset alone opened a whole new world for me as I ventured down the path of aging.

Throughout my career, I have established connections with wonderful fashion designers and retailers. Notably, I organised bi-annual sale events for Luisa Boutique at the Sydney Hilton from 2005 to 2023, which were renowned among Sydney’s discerning shoppers for showcasing luxury shoes and bags.

After enjoying 35 fulfilling years in the fashion industry, I felt compelled to explore new avenues for connecting with like-minded individuals and sharing my insights on navigating life’s transitions. As a personal stylist, I find immense joy in working closely with clients, demonstrating how dress, self-care and social etiquette contribute to our confidence and overall well-being, especially as we embrace our 50s and beyond.

I believe that stepping into our best years involves embracing change with a positive outlook, curiosity, and a touch of personal style.

If you’re ready to enhance your confidence and well-being through personalised styling, I invite you to join me on this journey.

“Life’s transitions are opportunities for reinvention and growth.
Embrace change with vitality and style, and discover the boundless possibilities that await.”

Me at 60 Plus

Staying active is my mantra. I love long walks and invigorating hikes,
shinrin-yoku (also known as forest bathing), swimming, skiing and the occasional spirited tennis match.

My passions are many, with top honours going to great food, fine wines, exploring the world and immersing myself in an epic book.

I am grounded by my beloved 20 year old daughter, a close-knit circle of friends and my much loved Havanese pup, Bobbi. Life feels truly enriched.

As a proud member of the ‘sixties club,’ I am excited and inspired to be part of a dynamic community of resilient, creative individuals. Motivating others to embrace and celebrate life, especially as we navigate the journey of ageing, remains a profound passion that continues to drive me forward.

I still believe the best is yet to come.

Claudia x

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