About Claudia

I’m Delighted We’ve Found Each Other!

It wasn’t until I reached my late fifties that I realised that engaging my vitality and passion for life could unlock newfound visibility. This mindset alone opened a whole new world for me as I ventured down the path of ageing.

After 35 rewarding years in fashion, I started exploring new ways to connect with like-minded women and share some of my own experiences on transitioning from my fifties to my sixties.

Mine was not always a charmed life. It was often hard going. I was a self-starter with all my previous businesses – running a couple of fashion boutiques and a European shoe warehouse. It was challenging, exhausting and humbling.

Born in China to Russian parents in 1962, I was christened Klavdia Vasilovna Karmanchuk. From Klavdia in China to Claudia in Australia, it has been quite a journey. My name-changing may have come to an end, but my personal journey has not. As I continue to evolve, I’m determined to make the most of what this extraordinary life has to offer. I believe the best is yet to come.

In my very young days, I worked in what is best described as the corporate world. Then, I jumped ship and joined the crazy and fascinating world of fashion when I was 25.

For 18 years, I mostly worked for myself, owning my own businesses: Karman’s, Claudia’s Collections, and European Shoe Warehouse.

I am fascinated by the unique beauty, resilience, and courage of women. Working as a personal stylist, I am lucky enough to regularly encounter incredible women. Even though I work independently, I love the process of collaborating with creative and inspiring people. In my own way, I want to reach out to, and connect with as many women as possible.

Today, you’ll find me in Sydney, where I enjoy my urban lifestyle right in the middle of the city. I love the diversity of my community and the convenience of being able to walk everywhere.

I stay active by taking long walks, going for hikes, boxing, swimming (all year round), skiing in winter, and the occasional tennis match with friends.

I’m grounded by the most important person in my life, my 19-year-old daughter, my close network of friends and my gorgeous Havanese, Bobbi.

Everything I share is a balanced, true reflection of my day-to-day and collaborative projects.

From high fashion shoots to walks on the beach with my dog – I share the good, the bad and the no makeup me!

I keep it real rather than curate

By promoting visibility over 50 in a real and authentic way, I hope to enable women to find encouragement and recognition through other women’s stories and life experiences.

As a new member of the sixties club, I feel privileged and excited to be part of a growing collective of strong, creative, and inspiring women.

I’m motivated by helping other women embrace, celebrate and conquer the aging journey.

Claudia xx

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