The Ultimate Package

Wardrobe Detox, Personal Styling and Shopping Package

The way we feel about ourselves and the impression we leave on others, often comes from the way we behave and how we dress.

I believe that if you are not feeling your best in what you are wearing it can affect your overall wellbeing.

Feel and look your best with The Ultimate Package.

Nothing to Wear

Clothing and our wardrobes can be a continual demand on our time, money and emotions rather than a source of enjoyment.  The most common problem is a full, disorganised wardrobe and a feeling of having “nothing to wear”.

The reality is that we have too much. Clothes have usually been accumulated without planning and too many items have been bought for one use only….. work, casual, active or formal.

Are you feeling guilty?

An organised, well edited and loved wardrobe will make you look your most attractive, feel great and will bring out that unique, individual style that every woman has.

Personal styling is a long and short-term investment and

The Ultimate Package is Gold!

What to Expect From Your Wardrobe Detox, Personal Styling and Shopping Experience

We meet in person for a 30 minute style in-person consultation at The Langham Hotel in Sydney, or on Zoom to get started on your journey. Together we review your schedule and discuss your coaching objectives. Please note that our contact time is flexible.

We then meet over three days either in your home or on Zoom, where your Personal Style journey begins at our first session with a Wardrobe Detox, followed by a styling day and ending with a fun day exploring and shopping.

Wardrobe Detox, Personal Styling and Shopping Experience Itinerary

Day One – 3 hours

We assess your Wardrobe and Detox

This important session will kick start and boost your confidence in expressing your innate sense of style. Plus, you will have a fabulous-looking wardrobe to shop in every day!

  • Assess and remove any clothes, shoes and accessories that no longer serve you.
  • Discover how an alteration or an adjustment can transform a piece.
  • Rediscover and appreciate forgotten pieces that still bring joy.
  • Evaluate and improve your personal space at home, the lighting and the furniture setting where you dress.

Day Two – 3 hours

We work through your Creative Goals – 1.5 hrs

Signature Style Advice:

  • How to achieve your wardrobe, shopping & style goals
  • How to overcome any style struggles
  • How to flatter your body shape
  • Find your best colours, fabrics and shapes that elevate your style
  • How and where you shop

We work on Styling and Transformation – 1.5 hrs

Simplify Dressing:

  • Create a signature look that will be your “go-to” at any time
  • Un-complicate dressing and feel less anxious
  • Enhance what you have by wearing it differently
  • Gain confidence by being daring and creative
  • Create new ways to accessorise

Day Three – 3 hours

On this fun day you will –

  • Discover how to purchase quality pieces at very attractive prices.
  • Visit shops that are carefully chosen for you and what you are prepared to spend.
  • Gain from my 3 decades of being a boutique owner, buyer, stylist and shopper extraordinaire.
  • I have only one rule – You must try anything I ask you to. There is no pressure to like it or buy it, I just want to expand your horizons and have some fun!

Important to note: I do not have any financial affiliations or receive incentives from retailers. Any discounts or extras are passed straight on to you at the time of service.

What’s included ?

  • Wardrobe Detox + Style + Shop 9 hours 1 – on – 1
  • 3 x 20 minute consult prior to each session and 3 x15 minute follow up calls
  • For your shopping experience, we will meet at a chosen destination
  • Complimentary 30 minute session on “How to Walk Into Any Room (and stay) With Confidence and Poise”
  • Lunch, refreshments, chauffeured car are also available and enquires are welcome.

Price for 3 days – $2,300

Additional hours @ $200 per hour

I think it is important for a woman to be unapologetically, herself.
To wear what she wants and what she loves.

Diane von Furstenberg

Frequently Asked Questions

A personal styling session is a one-on-one consultation with a professional stylist to help you refine your personal style, select clothing that suits you, and enhance your overall appearance.

Prepare by thinking about your style goals, budget, and any specific clothing items or occasions you’d like to focus on. It’s also helpful to bring photos or examples of styles you admire.

During a styling session, I’ll discuss your style preferences, go through your current wardrobe, and potentially shop for new items based on your needs and budget.

The duration can vary, but most styling sessions last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the extent of the service and your goals.

Not necessarily. I’ll work with your existing wardrobe to create stylish outfits, and any new purchases will depend on your preferences and needs.

Absolutely! I can tailor our recommendations to your budget and help you find affordable yet stylish options.

You can easily book a session through my website or by contacting me directly. I’ll work with you to find a convenient time and date.

I understand that plans can change. I typically have a 24 to 48-hour cancellation policy, and I’ll do my best to accommodate rescheduling requests.

You’ll leave the session with a better understanding of your personal style, a more organized wardrobe, and the knowledge to create stylish outfits on your own. My goal is to boost your confidence and help you look your best.


“Claudia is a stylist of your dreams. Gorgeously upbeat, wonderfully creative and utterly mischievous (in a delicious way), she is equally proficient at a total makeover as at massaging your style gently. Claudia is a stylist dynamo. Highly recommended for anyone who desires not only excellent stylisation outcome to meet any brief but also beautiful and easy process to achieve it.”

“I first met Claudia in her boutique, in Sydney over 30 years ago. We connected instantly as I was a professional woman in a hurry to buy an outfit and needed to invigorate my wardrobe. This exercise was seamless with Claudia.

An overall service from sourcing a hat for Melbourne from the finest milliner to a pair os stunning European shoes, Claudia’s skills are unique and unsurpassed. You become not only a valued client but a friend for life. ”

Why Choose Me

  • Experience and Expertise

    With years of experience in the fashion and styling industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you look and feel your best.

  • Personalised Approach

    I understand that everyone is unique, and I tailor my styling services to your individual preferences, body type, and lifestyle.

  • Current Fashion Trends

    I stay updated with the latest fashion trends and can help you incorporate them into your wardrobe, ensuring you always look contemporary.

  • Time-Saving

    My styling services save you time by curating and organising your wardrobe, allowing you to get dressed quickly and confidently every day

  • Confidence Boost

    I aim to boost your self-confidence by helping you find outfits that make you feel empowered and comfortable in your own skin.

  • Efficiency in Shopping

    I can streamline your shopping experience by knowing exactly what suits you, helping you avoid unnecessary purchases and costly fashion mistakes.

  • Wardrobe Organisation

    I can declutter and organise your wardrobe, making it easier for you to find and put together outfits that reflect your style.

  • Budget-Friendly Options

    I can work within your budget, helping you make the most of your clothing budget by finding quality pieces that match your style.

  • Wardrobe Detox, Personal Styling and Shopping Experience Itinerary