The Art to Dressing is a …

Wardrobe Detox

Edit and organise your wardrobe in 4 easy steps


What you will discover during a wardrobe detox

  • Clarity on Your Style

    A wardrobe detox will help you uncover your true style by examining the clothes you love and wear regularly, making it easier to curate a wardrobe that reflects your personality.

  • Elimination of Clutter

    You’ll discover how to declutter your closet, removing items that no longer serve you, creating a cleaner and more organized space.

  • Hidden Gems

    During the process, you’ll often rediscover clothing pieces you forgot you had or rarely used, which can breathe new life into your outfits.

  • Effective Organization

    Learn effective ways to organize your wardrobe to make dressing each day a breeze, saving time and reducing the stress of choosing outfits.

  • Better Shopping Habits

    Wardrobe detox will teach you to make more thoughtful and sustainable clothing choices by being mindful of your needs and preferences.

  • Enhanced Confidence

    As you build a wardrobe filled with pieces that genuinely resonate with your style and personality, you’ll feel more confident and comfortable in your clothing choices.

What clients say about Claudia

“Claudia’s approach is always fun and informative. Firstly we went through my wardrobe, wardrobe detox, yes every item, including accessories.

We discussed each item in a lovely convivial way and decided on “do or ditch”. I think this process helped Claudia work out my own personal style and we organically decided, elegantly casual with a bit of edge is my individual style.

I loved that she was discerning, emphasising that some items needed to be best quality and others could be good quality basic brands at a lower price. She works to your budget.

Claudia shares her vast knowledge generously and has shown me fantastic fashion websites, updates me on style ideas and has taught me how to shop.

I think Claudia is a great stylist and a lovely person to have on your team!”

“Claudia epitomises the ultimate style whisperer, as she fosters harmonising inner and outer beauty. Claudia generously shares nuggets of wisdom and contacts within the ultimate stylist’s black book. Her passion for helping you express your own personal style, rather than reflect fashion trends, adds authenticity and depth to her services.

Claudia’s services transcend styling, her holistic ethos of beauty and style and commitment for others to be their personal best, leaves a sustainable impact and promotes a deeper change than once of wardrobe fix. A true gem x”